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Music with Becca strives for excellence in music education for young children, especially between the ages of 0-7 years. The primary content offered by Music with Becca are online classes, designed to engage children (and parents) and offer a variety of activities that evokes their instincts and sensibilities.

In addition to this core curriculum, Music with Becca offers supplementary educational materials: our Special Bonuses, with Mini Recitals performed by children and acclaimed professionals, Musical Games, and Storytelling. Products are available in a variety of formats to suit the needs of every client.

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Subscription - Begin your subscription with a GIFT from us: a 15-day trial period for you and your family to explore Music with Becca. You will be enchanted. Then unlock full access to Music with Becca!

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Seasons - Classes of Music with Becca are organized in a season/semester format, ranging from 14-16 classes, plus additional bonus materials specially curated to develop brain, emotional, and musical intelligence.

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Sample - You can purchase limited time access to a sampling of the core ingredients that make the magic of Music with Becca.

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Special Programs - Periodically offered courses include seasonal and musical specific content - keep an eye out for these specials!

"My children started Music with Becca during the pandemic as a way of escaping, but they loved it so much and were so engaged that to this day they are still doing it, as I consider it to be the best for our family."


"A rare moment of beauty and magic compared to options of other children's programs, and a wonderful opportunity to educate and entertain our children and grandchildren."


"Music with Becca is absolutely sensational! With a magical and sensible environment, it's a very educational and fun way to teach music and good values to our children. My daughter is in love with it! I very much recommend it!"


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