How can I buy Music with Becca?

All of our products are currently offered on HOTMART. Our product page on this website will direct you to the products you want.

HOTMART accepts all major credit and debit cards.

Remember to check out financing options on all our products on HOTMART. Depending on the product you buy, you may be able to pay in monthly installments.

How old should my kids be to watch Music with Becca?

Music with Becca is intended for use by children 6 years old or younger. Of course when an older child enjoys it, the program is also for them! The years of 2-6 are crucial in a child's development. Introducing Music with Becca at this time will have the most substantial, long-lasting, positive benefits to your child's brain health.

Although not intended for pre-natal use, remember that at around 20 weeks in the mother's womb a baby can begin to hear!

Because Music with Becca is built on the mission of passing folk tunes and classical music to the younger generation, you may find that your parents or grandparents are intimately familiar with the music on this program. Those who are older, who may have dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, or a number of other ailments, will be positively affected by music.

What if my child doesn't seem to be engaged?

Any response is the right response! Every child is different in how they choose to participate in making music. My son for example: when I first took him to music classes as an infant he was more interested in wandering around the room and exploring than "doing the class." But then a few months after, he began to dance! Now he dances to everything and he engages in so many more ways!

Even if we don't see, children are constantly absorbing and learning from their environment. It's the familiarity, repetition, and routine that gives them joy.

Give your child time and space to experience Music with Becca how they want. They may be movers, or singers, watchers, or doers. One child may dance all the time and never sing - the other may sing and never dance. Everything they are learning is valuable!

How do I watch Music with Becca?

You must have an internet connection to watch Music with Becca. After purchasing on HOTMART you can watch on your computer, phone, or smart TV as often as you want, and wherever you have internet. Be sure to look at HOTMART'S suggestions for watching, and how to get access on all your devices.

Be sure to download the "Hotmart Sparkle" app to watch on the go and easily cast to your smart TV!

Does the program come with a guarantee?

Yes, if for any reason you are not more than satisfied with Music with Becca, you have 15 days to return your product on HOTMART.

What about too much screen time?

Make sure you always consult your pediatrician. Too much screen time can be unhealthy for the developing brains of young children. If you are worried about the amount of screen time your child receives consider timing it and making sure that when they are watching a screen it is quality educational content.

Music is first and foremost for your ears! Although it is ideal to watch Music with Becca to get the full participation experience (especially for learning movements), music works great without a screen as well! Just listening to familiar songs repeatedly has the same effect as watching.

What language is the program in?

The program is offered in English (Music with Becca) and Brazilian Portuguese (Música com a Becca). Each program contains music specific to the cultures of each language. The course Music with Becca contains folk tunes from the traditions of England and the United States, and Música com a Becca contains folk tunes unique to Brazilian culture.

Make sure you pick the program with the language you want. If for some reason you accidentally purchase the incorrect language, remember you have 15 days to return for a full refund.

Does Becca offer live group music classes or book events?

When you have subscribed to our email list, you will be notified when enrollment opens for live group classes online.

When you would like to book an event in person, please contact us through WhatsApp.

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