Music with Becca's mission is to bring the timeless beauty and value of Traditional American folk tunes, Classical Music, and Musical Games to young children.

This childhood music education program is filled with beloved music, playfulness, and beauty, so children can experience an educational and interactive activity from the comfort of home.

The primary purpose of this program is to offer a beautiful, playful, and educational musical experience so children become tuneful, beat-full, and art-full, all while developing artistic expression, empathy, self-esteem, and emotional intelligence. Designed to be integrated at home, this program is also a great activity for parent participation, especially for those with very young children.

It is important that more children have access to a quality music education.

When I became a mother this became more than evident, it became urgent! I took it as a mission upon myself to create something. The health and developmental benefits of a good music education are well documented by doctors and neuroscientists. Brain function, IQ, and focus are all affected positively by exposure to good music from a young age. Isn't that amazing? But for me that's not even the most incredible benefit, the most incredible benefit is the impact on their emotional development. Children that are happier, more balanced and more tolerant to frustration are just some of these benefits.

As a mother, I want to give my children every possible advantage to succeed and have an enriching, fulfilling life. I want this for your children too, and having music in the home is my way of helping you give your children these wonderful advantages.

The core lesson program of Music with Becca is structured to meet the needs of your children. Songs, activities, and movement provide engaging activity that helps improve their motor skills, memory, and creativity. I can't wait to make music with your little angels!

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